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"The Hayward Navigator V-Flex automatic suction pool cleaner delivers more power, reliability and performance than ever. Equipped with patented V-Flex variable vane turbine technology, Navigator V-Flex can pick up larger dirt and debris more effectively than any other cleaner on the market for peace of mind of clog-free cleaning. It maximizes suction power even at lower flow-making it the perfect partner for use with variable speed pumps. Its unmatched patented SmartDrive programmed steering determines the most efficient cleaning path around any pool and assists with cleaner maneuverability for the most reliable, complete pool coverage.

Patented V-Flex variable vane turbine technology
- Features self-adjusting variable vanes for easy handling of larger debris and virtually clog-free cleaning
- Energy-efficient design maximizes suction power at lower flow
- Ideal for use with variable-speed pumps

Unmatched programmed cleaning
- Exclusive patented SmartDrive preprogrammed steering pattern offers unparalleled, reliable pool coverage, covering floor, walls* and coves.
- Guides the hose as programmed steering maneuvers the cleaner around the pool, eliminating hose tangles

Efficient suction path
- Wide vacuum inlet, unique wing and skirt designed for constant suction power and to pickup more debris faster

Easy to use and install
- Connects in less than 10 minutes to skimmer or suction port, no tools required
- Powered by existing filtration system, does not require booster pump

Pool Coverage*: Pool floor, Walls and Coves
Hose Length: 40'
Pool Size: Gunite, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Pebble and Tile
*Wall climbing capability and pool coverage may be affected by specific pool shapes and surfaces. The cleaner may not climb the wall under certain conditions.
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